Equipment for Pre-lubricated gaskets

The Pre-lubricated pipe and manhole gasket is an encapsulated all rubber gasket that is filled with an internal lubricant.
The unique design also helps in reducing insertion forces, virtually eliminating any twisting aof the gasket or rolling out the joint commonly found to occur in O-Ring and profile gaskets.

Silicon Injector 502-00

The NorMec Silicon Injector developed to inject a set volume of silicon into the gasket with two needles, 1 of each side of the splice. The operation is semi-automatic, and the operator only inserts and remove the gasket. With just a click, the operator can change settings on the amount of silicon to be [...]

June 19th, 2020|

Silicon Spreader 502-00 for pre-lubricated gaskets.

The NorMec Silicon Spreader developed to equally spread the injected silicon and control that there are no dry spots in the pre-lubricated gasket. The NorMec Silicon Spreader has 3-station, and each station can be separately set-up. When running all three stations, the spreader can distribute and check 540 gaskets per hour with length on [...]

June 19th, 2020|
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