Advanced training

The advance training can be purchased with the machine or later.

The advanced training course in hot vulcanizing or infrared splicing is specified for your company and we will train with your products.

It’s a full day course and the first half day is the same as the introduction training course. The course is intended for the machine operator with maintenance responsibilities.

After completed the first half day with introduction training we will move on the maintenance part of the course.

During the course the participants will learn:

  • General maintenance of the machine.
  • Change of heating elements.
  • Re-calibrate the temperature after change heating elements.
  • Alignment of moulds.
  • General troubleshooting.

After completed the training the participants will have full knowledge how to run the machines and how to active a perfect hot or infrared splice. The participants will also be able to maintain the machines and troubleshoot.

Contact us today to get an appointment for training.

On request, specialist training can also be held on your premises, using your machines and moulds.

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