Our machines are some of the most reliable machines in the market, with a low need for maintenance. In the user manual you can find the necessary information for your machine.

Spare Parts

Even though our machines are some of the most reliable on the market, we still recommend that you’ve got some parts in store. We have most spare parts in stock and can ship to your location within 48 hours.


We are always ready to arrange delivery of machines and equipment and strive to find the best transport method for your needs. We have agreements with some of the largest shipping companies in the world and can offer effective transport, whereever your company is situated.


Should you ever experience any problems with your NorMec machines, we’re well prepared to help. We’ve developed a superior system to troubleshoot your NorMec machine digitally, which ensures your machines are up and running in no time.


Almost all our machines can be installed within an hour by your own personnel. All necessary documentation is delivered along with the machines.

For our more complex machines, we are always ready to send a team to your facility to perform a quick and effective installation worldwide.


Training is essential to achieve an effective production line. We’ve developed three different ways you can easily train your personnel. Together with the delivery, we also offer training programs that span two days. Another option is to send your personnel to our factory, where we’ll train and educate the operators in our own training facilities.