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NorMec PE-Press 601-04-200

Splicing presses

The machine has been developed to hot vulcanize all types of rubber, for example, EPDM, NBR, SBR CR, NR and silicone profiles.

NorMec Servo Cutter 720-04-100

Cutting machines

Using sharp blades and a high speed, the cut will be good and the profile is ready for use in our splice presses without any form of post-processing.

Splicing film from Normec

Splicing film

The balance between strength and speed is unbeatable. According to customer feedback, production efficiency increases, failure rates drop, and strength improves.

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More than 30 years of experience

NorMec is a Norwegian family-owned company and the marked leader in development and production of equipment for hot vulcanization and infrared splicing solutions for 30 years.

NorMec is the developer of the hot film vulcanizing technique. The technique was developed by our engineer and main shareholder Jan Leif Slettemoen in the being of the 1980`s.

The technique was groundbreaking, when it was introduced for the market in 1989. The method replaced more traditional techniques such as gluing. The principle of the new technique was use of un-vulcanized rubber, splicing dies for the profiles cross-section and user-friendly machines.

The new technique was referred in the industry as the “NorMec Method” and still is.

To continuing to be the marked leader we constantly push the limits to develop new machines and techniques to offer our customers.


Cutting Machine 401-04-100

Our user-friendly guillotine cutter comes equipped with an end stop, profile clamping, and a 2-hand [...]

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