For over 30 years we have perfected our

Splicing presses and cutting machines

and are proud to present one of the most reliable machines on the marked!

NorMec PE-Press 601-04-200

Splicing presses

The machine has been developed to hot vulcanize all types of rubber, for example, EPDM, NBR, SBR CR, NR and silicone profiles.

NorMec Servo Cutter 720-04-100

Cutting machines

Using sharp blades and a high speed, the cut will be good and the profile is ready for use in our splice presses without any form of post-processing.

NorMec Splicing film

Splicing rubber

The balance between strength and speed is unbeatable and according to feedback from our customers, production efficiency increases, failure rates drop and the strength improves.


Fully automated guillotine cutter

December 4th, 2019|

Fully Automatic cutter for precision cutting of profiles for vulcanizing. The new fully automated cutter can be used inline in the extruder line or offline. The cutter is equipped with servo engines, caterpillar and [...]

K 2019 Trade Fair

August 30th, 2019|

16-23 October 2019 it happens again in Düsseldorf, Germany. Visit us in hall 3 stand A35. K2019 is the largest exhibition for the plastic and rubber industry in Europe and in 2016 attracted 222,000 [...]

Why Choose Us


Hot jointing usually is the last operation in a rubber profile production line. Our customers produce parts with high performance requirements, it is particularly important for NorMec to ensure high quality splices. The NorMec hot-jointing solutions reduce waste to nearly negligible levels, significantly improving the economic efficiency of the entire production line.


Normec has installed hot-splicing solutions for extruded rubber products within the automotive, hydraulic and civil engineering, power generation, and specialized manufacturing industries. Our systems are in use on six continents.

How we work

All our solutions are made to order, and lead times are typically 3-6 weeks from confirmation of order. In 90% of the projects we can generate a quote based on good drawings of the profile, along with relevant specifications. In some projects we will ask for a sample of the profile so we can examine it more closely. In rare projects we will prototype the solution in our own plant in return for a small deposit and samples of the profile.

  • The NorMec machines are one of the most reliable machines on the marked
  • NorMec is always ready to arrange delivery of your machines and equipment
  • Almost all our machines can be installed within 1 hour and by your own personal.
To install a NorMec machine is easy.

Almost all our machines can be installed within 1 hour and by your own personal. All necessary documentation for the installation is delivered together with the machines.

The exception is some of our lager cutting machines where our installers are required to install and start-up.

The NorMec machines are wery reliable and our customers rarely experience any problems. 

If you should experience any problems with your machines, NorMec are well prepared to help you.

We have most spare-parts in stock and can ship you the part within 48 hours.

We have also developed a superior system to troubleshoot your machine and will ensure your machine is up and running as fast as possible. In the interface you can find a page with all the troubleshooting options you need. With only a few clicks you can see if there is a technical problem and you need to change any parts.

If you should not be able to solve the problem yourselves, you can connect the machines to Internet and we can log on to the machine and with use of our systematic troubleshooting-programs find the problem in no time.

The NorMec machines are one of the most reliable machines in the marked and needs very little maintenance.

In the user manual you will find the necessary information about maintenance of your machine.

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