Splicing tool for film vulcanizing presses

  • All tools are specially designed for each cross-section. 
  • Our engineers have more than 35 years of experience.
  • Tested before delivery.

Our extensive experience puts NorMec on the leading edge of developing and producing splicing tools for hot vulcanization and infrared splicing.

Our engineers have more than 35 years of experience and always aim to design splicing tools so that the operator can work efficiently with the smallest percentage of rejects possible.

Each splicing tool is specially designed for each profile, and we place great significance on putting proper pressure on the profile. This is one of the main factors in success with hot vulcanization.

We produce our tools ready for use in production and supply splicing samples together with the tool and production data logged during testing. In principle, the customer must only set up the machine with the same parameters and start production at their facility.

We believe it is essential that the customer can reach full production at their factory as quickly as possible. Therefore all our customers are welcome to visit our factory in Norway to receive full training in using the machines and tools. We also have technicians who travel worldwide to help customers during the start-up phase or solve an issue the customer may be experiencing.