Dual durometer rubber profiles are extrusions with different areas of hardness.

Typically, the harder rubber is used for attachment while the softer rubber is used for sealing.

By joining two materials of different physical properties, structural integrity and flexible function can be combined into one part. For example, when a rubber gasket must be an attachment to a metal part to provide a closure seal, a dual durometer rubber extrusion combines both functions into one piece, which significantly reduces assembly costs while enhancing performance and function.

Dual Durometer extrusions can serve a variety of purposes. Most often, the harder material serves as a means of attachment, the softer compound completes the seal. Sometimes, however, Co-extruding polymers are done for cosmetic purposes. There are many ways to get creative when designing a seal-using multi-color, multi-durometer, notches, holes, and PSAs

Dual durometer rubber profile