Our fastest and most flexible PE-Splicing machine.

Our fastest and most flexible PE-Splicing machine.

NorMec introduces our brand-new PE-Carousel. One operator can control the whole carousel with output as high as 600-1.000 gaskets per hour.

  • NorMec - PE-Carousel

NorMec - Diagram 2High product output.

Infrared heating and polyethylene plastic film give a short cycle time of 30 seconds or less per station. Each station can join 3-6 gaskets at the same time.

NorMec - Low Cost

Low operation cost.

The PE-Carousel has significantly less power consumption than the traditional hot vulcanizing carousel.

NorMec - FlexibelFlexible design.

The design is flexible and can easily be adjusted for your needs. The carousel can be delivered with 4 or 6 stations, depending on operational features needed.

NorMec - FactoryOptional operational features.

Every customer and production are unique. With our optional operational features, we have the solutions.

  • Grinder for rubbing gaskets or/and remove steel pleading.
  • Robot to automatically remove the gasket from the carousel.
  • Automatically trim the polyethylene flash.
  • Automatically pick-up of gaskets from extruder line.
March 17th, 2021|
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