PE Splicing carousel

  • Robot to automatically remove the gasket from the carousel.
  • Automatically trim the polyethylene flash.
  • Automatically pick-up of gaskets from extruder line.


Our fastest and most flexible PE-Splicing machine.

NorMec introduces our brand-new PE-Carousel. One operator can control the whole carousel with output as high as 600-1.000 gaskets per hour.

High product output.

Infrared heating and polyethylene plastic film give a short cycle time of 30 seconds or less per station. Each station can join 3-6 gaskets at the same time.

Low operation cost.

The PE-Carousel has significantly less power consumption than the traditional hot vulcanizing carousel.

Flexible design.

The design is flexible and can easily be adjusted for your needs. The carousel can be delivered with 4 or 6 stations, depending on operational features needed.

Optional operational features.

Every customer and production are unique. With our optional operational features, we have the solutions.