Semi-Automatic Rotating cutter

Rotating cutter for small series.

  • Double cutter blades.
  • Quick-change off-cutting guides.
  • Water lubrication.
  • Cut up to 3 profiles simultaneously.

Our rotating cutter are designed to produce a perfect cutting result, angled or straight.

The machine is equipped with double cutter blades and when using multiple cavities the operator can swiftly and efficiently cut straight profiles in no time.

In order to produce the best possible result, the machine is delivered with cutter guides for each individual profile. The guides are equipped with end stoppers, to make sure the profile is placed in the correct position. During the cut, the profile is fixed in the guide to make sure no deformation of the geometry of the cross-section. 

The guides are custom-made for each cross-section.

Different profiles require different cutter blades and we can supply a range of types from completely smooth blades to diamond coated blades.