Silicon Injector 502-00

  •  Semi-automatic operation.
  •  Cycle speed 10 seconds.
  •  The injection is done with the use of 2 needles.

The NorMec Silicon Injector developed to inject a set volume of silicon into the gasket with two needles, 1 of each side of the splice.

The operation is semi-automatic, and the operator only inserts and remove the gasket.

With just a click, the operator can change settings on the amount of silicon to be injected or load an already stored program for the specified gasket.

We know time is money; therefore, have we designed the spreader with usability as the top priority. The operator will, in a matter of minutes, understand all the essential features on the machine.

The user can easily set-up all settings on the machine directly in the Interface. One of the features is password protection of the machine and new help function for the operator and maintenance personnel.

If any problems should occur, it`s easy troubleshooting directly from the control panel.

The newest optional feature is the installation of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). With the VPN, our technical engineers can connect directly to your machine for troubleshooting or upgrading of software.