Fully automated circular knife cutter

Fully automated circular knife cutter

The perfect starting point

NorMec Cutting Machine 760-04-100

Our fully automated circular rotating cutting cutter has been developed with high speed and precision in mind.

The combination of cutting guide, circular rotating speed, and water lubrication give a perfect surface without any deformation of the cross-section. The perfect starting point to succeed with splicing of rubber and silicone profiles.

With the use of 4 Siemens Servomotors, the accuracy is extremely good and typical ± 0,5-1,5 mm.

In the front of the machine, the loop ensures the profile is fed correctly without any kind of tension on the profile. The guillotine cutter can be installed in either an extruder line or get a profile from a box/drum.

Usability is important. All our machines are delivered with Siemen’s touchscreen the operator will be familiar with the HMI right away.

Our automated cutting machines can be supplied with a variety of optional extras, such as kick-off function on the conveyor belt, lift for feeding an overhead conveyor or other additional equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

  • All features are controlled in the touch-display.

  • Siemens Servo motors

  • Easy change of cutting knife.

  • Quick change of cutting knife.

  • Water lubrication.

  • Troubleshooting directly in the Interface or through internet.

  • Software upgrade of the machine through internet.

NorMec Cutting Machine 760-04-100

All our machines are certified to the CE standard.

NorMec is a full-service company and we assist you all the way from receiving a drawing of the profile until we have achieved the perfect splice.

June 16th, 2021|
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