The most efficient method for EPDM splicing.

To splice EPDM with polyethylene tape is the fastest and most effective method on the market. Using cold tools and heating profile ends with infra-red in just 10 seconds results in cycle times of less than 30 seconds.   A machine can produce approximately 325 spliced profiles per hour using tools with three cavities.

The PE-Press is also the perfect tool for splicing profiles with tape, as the cold tools will not damage the tape.

Our PE-Press is equipped with eight infrared lamps, 4 for heating the profile and 4 for heating the polyethylene film. Using two lamps on each side of the film gives full control over the heating process, forming the basis of a perfect splice.

The PE-Press 602-04-200 is also equipped with an integrated grinder for surface grinding.

The machine is equipped with a light curtain as standard to guarantee quick and efficient production.
  • Cycle time for EPDM profiles is only 30 seconds.

  • Equipped with a total of 8 infrared lamps.

  • Integrated grinder for surface grinding.

  • Punching unit for the pholytheleneflim

  • Automatic or semi-automatic profile feeding system.

All our machines are certified to the CE standard.

NorMec is a full-service company and we assist you all the way from receiving a drawing of the profile until we have achieved the perfect splice.

PE-Press 602-04-200