Small-sized machine for on-site splicing.

It’s more effective to take the press to the profile instead of the opposite when the profile is installed on board a ship or on the top of a wind turbine.

Our portable press is compact and light and can be easily moved by one person. The machine only requires access to electricity to work; all movements are performed manually. A perfect result is still produced despite the fact the machine is portable.

To keep down the weight, the machine is mainly made of aluminum.

The first splice can be made less than 10 minutes after starting the machine.

  • Constructed for onsite operation.
  • The machine only weighs 25 kg.
  • The machine only requires access to electricity to work

All our machines are certified to the CE standard.

NorMec is a full-service company and we assist you all the way from receiving a drawing of the profile until we have achieved the perfect splice.

NorMec Portable Press