Splicing Press 310-00-120

  •  Rings as small as Ø 50 mm.
  •  Fast tool change
  •  Easy calibrating of heating elements.


Our splicing press 310-00-120 is developed to hot vulcanize O-Ring cords.

The O-Ring, generally made of some form of elastomer, sits in the joint between these two parts and becomes compressed to help for a tight seal.

O-Rings are commonly found in pumps, cylinders, connectors, and valves, helping seal joints between separate parts and prevent the leaking of fluids and gases. They`re used with static, dynamic, hydraulic, and pneumatic components, making them an especially versatile solution for widespread engineering use.

The machine is easy to operate, and the operator only uses the foot pedal to close and open the tools. Heat and time are easily changed in the display and can be stored in a receipt.

To have traceable production is more and more important in most industries. With the NorMec 310-00-120, every splice is traceable with information about heating and curing time.

Several machines can be set up in the cloud, and all production data can be transferred to an external server.