All our solutions are made to order, and lead times are typically 6-8 weeks from confirmation of order.

In 90% of the projects we can generate a quote based on good drawings of the profile, along with relevant specifications. In some projects we will ask for a sample of the profile so we can examine it more closely. In rare projects we will prototype the solution in our own plant in return for a small deposit and samples of the profile.

We fully guarantee that our solutions will meet yours or your customers’ quality requirements and often perform trial runs in our plant or yours. Our machines and equipment are usually shipped airfreight with minimal assembly required.

We have a close working relationship with DHL. Installation, training, and consulting services are offered for a fee but are not usually necessary.

The process:

  1. Receives a drawing of the current profile.
  2. Send a quotation for suitable machine, included specially designed tool for the current profile.
  3. All our tools are made from the actual profile and never from drawing, the reason for this is that the drawing is the theoretical shape of profile.
  4. When we have received the profile we start the process to constructed and produce the tool.
  5. Make a sample tool in aluminum, where we place great significance on attaining the right pressure on the profile.
  6. Make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Produce the production tool. This is one of the main factors in order to succeed with hot vulcanization.
  8. Deliver the machine and tool, ready for use in production and supply splicing samples together with the tool as well as production data logged during testing. In principle, the customer only has to set-up the machine with the same parameters and start production at their facility.
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