Usability as top priority

We know time is money therefore have we designed the press with usability as top priority. The operator will in matter of minutes understand all the basic features on the machine.

All presses are equipped with a production log where all production data is stored for 12 months. With use of this information you can make your production even more effective. The production data can directly be downloaded to a USB-Stick.

The user can easily set-up all settings on the machine directly in the Interface. One of the new features is password protection of the machine with up to 5 user-levels; each user level with different access level.

Another feature we have developed to make our machines as effective as possible is the opportunity to preheat the machine before the operator gets to work. The operator will find the machine ready for production at the time he arrives.

If any problems should occur, it`s easy troubleshooting directly from the control panel. If you should not be able to solve the problem by yourselves, connect the machine to internet and we can connect and find out what the problem is.

Bellow you can see a video of our Standard Press 110-00-165-BR in action:

Standard Press