Our most powerful hot vulcanizing press for large profiles.

Maxi Press 400 is our largest machine and has been developed to hot vulcanize large profiles up to a width of 400 mm.  Maxi 400 tackles all types of rubber, for example, EPDM, NBR, SBR CR, and NR, and without retooling, the machine can also be used to splice silicone profiles.

The machine features a full 6400 W heating element to ensure rapid heating and an even temperature.

The machine is extremely versatile and can splice numerous profiles from straight or any angle by changing the tool. Changing tools on our machines is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

As our second largest machine, the Maxi 400 has a touch display for straightforward machine control. The software is based on the same principle as the Standard Press, allowing the operator to run all our different machines without the need for extra training.

Maxi 400 is built to last, and we only use quality parts from well-renowned suppliers such as Siemens, Festo, and Bosch Rexroth.

  • All features are controlled in the touch-display.
  • Easy to change language in the control panel.
  • Fast tool change.
  • Hot vulcanise large-sized profiles up to 400 mm.

All our machines are certified to the CE standard.

NorMec is a full-service company and we assist you all the way from receiving a drawing of the profile until we have achieved the perfect splice.

NorMec Standard Press