Perfect balance between strength and speed.

NorMec has, after many years of research, developed what we believe is the best splicing tape on the market. The balance between strength and speed is unbeatable and according to feedback from our customers, production efficiency increases, failure rates drop and the strength of the splice improves.

Our production of splicing rubber is ISO 9001:2008 certified and maintains the greatest possible quality.

This common elastomer is known by many names, Including Buna-N, NBR and Zylo Nitrile Butadine. No matter what you call it, nitrile rubber offers good resistance to oils, fuels, and chemicals.

NBR`s ability to withstand a range of temperatures from -40 to 180 degrees (-40 to 220 Fahrenheit) makes it an ideal material for aeronautical applications.

It is used in the automotive and aeronautical Industry to make fuel and oil handling hoses, seals, grommets, and self-sealing free tanks, since ordinary rubbers cannot be used.

Nutraline Butadine is also used to create molded goods, footwear, adhesives, sealants, sponges, expanded foams, and it also include disposable non-latex gloves, automotive transmission belts, O-Rings, Gaskets, V-Belts, Synthetic leather, Printer`s foam rollers and as cable jacketing.

Nitrile rubber provides good-to-excellent resistance to many oils and solvents.

We export to more than 65 countries and ship deliveries daily.

All our types of tape can be supplied in thicknesses from 0.25 mm up to 5 mm. And in widths from 40 mm and up to 150 mm.

  • We can deliver, EPDM, NBR SBR, NR CR, FKM and Silicon.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

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NorMec is a full-service company and we assist you all the way from receiving a drawing of the profile until we have achieved the perfect splice.

NorMec SBR Splicing film