Our splicing carousel is designed to increase the effectivity of the splicing process and it`s especially effective to use overhead conveyers and film dispenser.

By using a film dispenser, the splicing process can be reduced by up to four seconds per station. The film dispenser feeds the splicing film automatically in the correct position prior to the vulcanizing of the profile without any extra adjustments.

The overhead conveyer feeds the carousel with profiles and transport them further after splicing. The manual handling of the profile is limited to only insert and remove the profile from the splicing presses.

From the main display on the carousel you can set-up each of the splicing presses. All communication is wireless.

Number of presses in a carousel depends on the curing time of the profiles. The longer the vulcanizing time is the more presses is possible. We can supply carousel from 6 to 12 standard presses. Experienced operators can easily and effectively work carousels with multiple presses.

The NorMec Standard press is delivered in accordance with the CE Directive.

  • 6-12 stations
  • Overhead conveyers