The next level of automation.

NorMec has many years’ experience delivering power & free conveyors and chain conveyors.

Our first installation was made already back in 2000 and we have over the years regularly delivered solutions to companies in USA and Europe.

We offer our customers a total solution, also included our other machines as splicing presses, cutting machines and manipulators for handling gaskets from the transport belts and up to the overhead conveyor.

A power and free overhead conveyer is constructed to disengage and engage the trollies. This gives the opportunity to disengage a trolley and stop in a workstation without stopping the rest of the conveyor.

A typical installation from NorMec includes the following equipment:

  • In-line cutting-machine installed in the end of the extruder line.
  • A manipulator to handle the profile from the transport belt and lift it over to the overhead conveyor.
  • The overhead conveyor often consists of multiple workstations such as 2-4 preparation stations for the gasket, 4-8 station for vulcanizing the gasket and 1-2 packing stations for finished vulcanized gaskets.

An overhead conveyor will revolutionize the logistics challenges in the factory and will increase efficiency significantly.

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